What is Door Drop Shop USA Renowned for?

Door drop shop is a one stop solution for all the shopping needs of an individual and in fact we would say the perfect online shopping destination for the members of all age groups in a family. The way a family eats together, plays together, and now with Door Drop Shop USA, A family can even shop together.

What all do we serve?

We at Door Drop Shop USA, serve you with art and craft accessories, automobiles, books, clothing, grocery, health and cosmetics, lifestyle accessories, home tools, electronics, pets, fitness articles, some stuff for kids and many other varieties of products. We have all the ultimate brands associated with us and thus we provide all the branded stuff to you at very affordable prices.

How to shop with us?

You just need to login to our website, register yourself and create your account. The yearly membership of our site will cost you $9.99 per month if you want to subscribe for a year altogether. In case you get the membership monthly, you will be charged $12.99 per month. After registration you can shop unlimited with us.

What is the payment mode while shopping?

You have to pay for every product that you buy beforehand only. We accept payments through credit PayPal, card & debit card, alternate local payment methods or credited funds available on your account. You may have to pay a Door Drop Shop USA Shopping fee for each order that is successfully processed. The charges for Door Drop Shop USA Shopping orders are as followed:
The fee is 8% of the order total or minimum $10 per order, whichever is greater if paid using a credit or debit card for payment. The charges are 8% of the order total or minimum $10 per order, whichever is greater if using PayPal for payment. There will be a $1 per unique item charge for every item over 10, when placing a Door Drop Shop USA Shopping order with more than 10 unique items per online merchant.

Can you return a product?

If you receive any damages and incorrect items, we will return it in accordance with the seller’s return policy for the same. The User has to pay fee for all return shipping. When we have confirmed the refund and once the vendor received the item back, we will credit the money in your DoorDropShopUSA.com account.

Can you cancel a product once it is processed?

Once your order has been processed, we may not be able to cancel it in some situations. If Door Drop Shop USA Shopping order is successfully processed, you are not allowed to make changes to it. You may require paying cancellation fee if we are able to cancel the order. The merchandise purchase amount will be credited to your account. We advise you please notify our Door Drop Shop USA Shopping department if you don’t want the order you have placed and wish to return it when it arrives.

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